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Emotions Clinic, Education and Training Centre

Welcome to this website.  It aims to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an active partner along with professionals in diagnosing and managing your psychological issues.

We are a Non-profit Community interest Company dedicated to imparting scientific knowledge to clients so that they can become active partners in diagnosing and managing their own problems.

At this clinic we treat disorders such as anxiety, depression, phobias, alcohol and drug problems, relationship difficulties, work related stress, etc.

We also work remotely and offer video assessments and therapy sessions. We prescribe medication such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety, mood stabilisers and antipsychotics.

This clinic is also a therapy centre offering a number of different counselling and psychotherapy sessions such as CBT, EMDR, relaxation and breathing exercises, Mindfulness meditation, Biofeedback therapy and Existential therapy.

You can download free of charge six video sessions on how to manage your psychological problems and also a digital copy of my book – Emotions and Stress: How to Manage Them.

We at this clinic offer a cafeteria of choices of therapies and drug treatment. We practice patient centered prescribing and believe that clients can become active partners in choosing the right medication for themselves through an enlightened discussion with the psychiatrist.

It is therefore recommended that you pick and choose what suits you best and blend it with your own tested ways of dealing with your psychological issues.

Hope you find this website useful.

Kishore Chandiramani
Consultant Psychiatrist

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Our facilities include:

Two private consulting rooms, a group therapy/meeting room and a relaxation room with a library for clients.

Emotions is run by Dr Kishore Chandiramani, a private Consultant Psychiatrist with over 35 years experience, who works as a Second Opinon doctor with the Care Quality Commision and as a Medical Member of Mental Health Tribunals with the Ministry of Justice.

Three private consultation rooms, a group session and therapy room and a relaxation room with a private library of books, CDs and DVDs meant for clients suffering from psychological problems.


Our Doctors

Dr K Chandiramani

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Mina Bobdey

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Xenofon Sgouros

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Lubna Latif

Consultant Psychiatrist

Latest News


Understanding Unhappiness

Looking at this topic, Understanding Unhappiness, you must be thinking “I don’t need someone else to tell me what unhappiness is, I know it damn well, and also what causes it”. But let me tell you the language that we use to convey our negative emotions can be misleading, and it needs to be understood…


If you are not getting the results it could be that

You are not trying hard enough, The desired goal was only at your thought level, your whole being was not engaged in the activity. You are not taking the medicine in the right dose. You are not willing to pay the price, You are not willing to give up lifestyle/habits you have become accustomed to.…


Understanding Hope

We live on hope, without hope life will not be acceptable to us because the present does not satisfy us fully,  Is it a good thing that the present is not acceptable to us? Or should we mold our psyche in such a way that the present becomes acceptable to us? Spirituality demands that we…

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