Vanessa Pozzali

Growing up in Italy on Lake Garda, I developed a passion for different cultures, which now benefits my diverse range of patients, including expats and third-culture individuals*. My desire to connect deeply with those suffering is what led me to become a psychologist, inspired by a book about a teacher’s relationship with a student with elective mutism. I believe the therapeutic relationship is key to the healing process, and my goal is to create a warm and trusting space where patients can connect with their inner selves and embrace positive change.

Exploratory therapy, which I practice using a psychodynamic approach, involves delving into the subconscious to recognize relationship patterns and behaviours. I help my patients become more aware of themselves and their internal processes. It’s not about me telling you what to do or giving you a quick fix, but rather helping you find your own strategies for personal growth and healing. This process can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding, as you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

My Mission

It is not easy to open up about worrisome issues, such as traumatic experiences or talk about emotions like shame or guilt. I listen to each of my patients, without judging them.

My job is not to judge what is right or wrong. Rather, I act as a guide to discovering new points of view. I am with you when you are facing uncomfortable truths. I am with you when you let go of thoughts and emotions that cause unnecessary suffering. I am with you as long as you know how to take care of yourself lovingly. I will help you to be able to face the world with joy, competence and satisfaction without fear of suffering.

My professional background

I deepened my studies at the University of Padua, first with a three-year degree in cognitive and psychobiological sciences. This degree course has given me the opportunity to develop an integrated view of the mind with biology, chemistry, physiology and sociology. I also deepened the scientific and statistical aspects related to psychology.

In my master’s degree, I studied the social aspects, the integration of territorial mental health services and the importance of communities in the mental health of each of us. Here I acquired skills in the design of interventions aimed at improving the mental health of specific communities.

I deepened the clinical aspect through a four-year post-graduate specialization at COIRAG, where I graduated as a group analytic psychotherapist. In these four years, between practice and in-depth studies, I have built my clinical skills, honed my understanding and developed non-judgmental listening and openness to every aspect that patients can bring to therapy.

I carried out a long personal psychoanalytic therapy myself, to better know myself, my conflicts and my fears in order to become a better human being and a better psychotherapist.

From a clinical point of view, I have experience in the public and private sectors both in Italy and in the UK with patients aged 18 and over. Check services to better understand what I do.

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