Indication •  Resistant Depression (Off-label)

•  Given as an Infusion two times a week
•  Data for more than 6 weeks not available

Contraindication •  Hypersensitivity

•  Infants

•  Conditions where increased Blood pressure may be counterproductive

•  Cerebrovascular accident

•  Severe Cardiac Problems

•  Known case or High risk of developing psychosis

•  Risk of Abuse and Misuse

Benefit •  Quick relief from depressive symptoms

•  Beneficial in severe symptoms

Adverse effects

(usually decreases in 3-4 weeks of therapy, usually reversible)

•  Prolonged Emergence reaction

•  Hypertension
•  Increased cardiac output
•  Increased Intracranial pressure
•  Tachycardia
•  Tonic-clonic movements
•  Visual hallucinations
•  Vivid dreams

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