If you are not getting the results it could be that

  1. You are not trying hard enough, The desired goal was only at your thought level, your whole being was not engaged in the activity. You are not taking the medicine in the right dose.
  1. You are not willing to pay the price, You are not willing to give up lifestyle/habits you have become accustomed to.
  1. Your target needs adjusting, you didn’t do your homework when finalising your goals.
  1. Your communication skills are inadequate, you didn’t have faith in an honest and open dialogue.
  1. You lacked confidence – you are scared of venturing too far away from your comfort zone. The known-devil is better.
  1. A part of you (unconsciously) never wanted the results and was working against your apparent intentions.
  1. You have started enjoying the victim role, because it helps you justify your negative emotions.
  1. The desired result was inconsistent with the “project of your life, there was a divine intervention to stop you from heading towards a disaster.
  1. The time was not right, things happen when the time is right.

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