Indication •  Depression

•  Off-label:

•  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

•  Insomnia

•  Hot Flashes

Contraindication •  May increase suicide rates in Children and adolescent for short term (To be used with caution)

•  Hypersensitivity

•  Breastfeeding

•  Risk of switch to Mania

•  Gastrointestinal bleeding

•  Abnormal Electrocardiogram changes

•  History of seizure disorder

•  Risk of Hyponatremia

•  Angle closure glaucoma

•  Sexual dysfunction

•  Agranulocytosis

•  Akathisia

•  Concomitant use with few other drugs like pimozide or thioridazine or Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, other

Benefit •  Improvement in depressive symptoms

•  Improvement in depressive symptoms not responding to other class of antidepressants

•  May cause weight gain in patients with weight loss due to depression

Adverse effects

(usually decreases in 3-4 weeks of therapy, usually reversible)

•  Somnolence

•  Weight gain

•  Xerostomia

•  Increased appetite

•  Constipation

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