Stress Management

Six Session Stress Management Programme
Dr Chandiramani has developed a six session stress management programme. This programme is relevant to the needs of clients suffering from:

psychosomatic disorders,
relationship problems,
work related and general stress symptoms.
Dr Chandiramani and his team conduct psychotherapy sessions, both individually and in groups, based on the issues outlined in the sessions for download.

It is recommended that clients listen to these sessions and familiarise themselves with issues prior to attending therapy sessions as in-person sessions deal with these very issues in greater depth. These sessions can also be helpful to clients who do not wish to attend the stress management programme but want some help in dealing with their everyday stress.

The Stress Management Programme covers the following issues:
Session 1: What causes stress?
Including making judgements, difficulty accepting change, wanting to be in full control of our lives and issues related to separation and loss.

The Principle of Impermanance – a specific coping tool to help deal with one’s thoughts and emotions.

Session 2: What gives us stress?
Explaining symptoms in terms of a model of the mind (the conscious and the unconscious).

How stress can be undone.

The Principle of Equanimity.

Dealing with stress at a physical and psychological level.

An introduction to Paced breathing and Abdominal breathing.

Session 3:
Understanding how our judgements can increase stress and learning how to fine tune one’s judgements.

Learning how to dis-identify with one’s thoughts and emotions.

An introduction to Breath Awareness.

Session 4:
How we can manage stress at the physical level using bio-feedback treatment and breath regulation techniques?

Session 5:
Understanding stress and its’ management using the knowledge from philosophy and psycho-analysis.

Session 6:
What heals in psychotherapy?

Reflection on the 12 Wellness Tools used in the Stress Management Programme.

Although each session is stand alone and these can be listened to in any order it is recommended that clients start with the first session and gradually progress to session six in that order.

Relaxation/Library Facilities
Many of the relaxation skills and breath regulation techniques we teach our clients require regular practice to achieve positive therapeutic benefits. As such we are able to offer a dedicated relaxation room at the Knutton clinic, which is available daily for clients to practice relaxation skills and breath regulation techniques in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Within our relaxation room, clients can utilise a relaxation and massage chair, audio equipment with a selection of relaxation cds and also a therapy bed to aid relaxation techniques that require a reclining position.
We also have a comprehensive selection of books available on the following topics:


Eating Disorders

Psycho-Sexual Problems






Positive Thinking


All of the books, cd’s and dvd’s are available for clients to loan for psycho-educational purposes.

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